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How do I start writing a blog about the destruction caused by one of the most evil groups in history?

Most of the time, the atrocities committed by Hamas fall on deaf ears.  The world often hears of condemnations of Israeli actions while Israel defends it’s civilians, but we hardly even hear whispers of disdain about Hamas from the likes of Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and the United Nations. Hamas has based it’s existence on the destruction of Israel. Hamas has perfected the weaponizing of their most valuable resource, their own people. Hamas has violated every International Law on war and human rights.

So where do I start?

Let’s start with some of those whispers of disdain from the organizations that are so active in pointing out Israel’s so-called violations.

Amnesty International reports on Hamas in Gaza in an article titled Hamas must stop targeting of civilians:

The campaign of suicide bombings and deliberate attacks against Israeli civilians by Hamas and other armed groups constitutes crimes against humanity – among the most serious crimes under international law.

The conduct of Hamas members, notably their reckless use of weapons and explosives in residential areas, has contributed to the increasing lawlessness and to entrenching a culture of violence. Impunity has become the rule

Amnesty International also reports on Gaza human rights violations by Hamas in an article Hamas violations leave Gaza’s civilians trapped in their homes

[Hamas has] shown utter disregard for fundamental principles of international law and have committed grave human rights abuses.

Palestinians calling for an end to the violence risk being killed. On 13 June gunmen in Gaza City and Khan Younes fired on unarmed demonstrators who were calling for an end to the armed clashes, killing one protester and injuring several others.  On the same day two Palestinian employees of the United Nation Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), the main relief agency in the Gaza Strip, were killed and two others were injured in the course of their work by reckless shooting

In an open letter to the Leaders of Hamas, Human Rights Watch stated

We write to urge you … to announce publicly that your organization will not use lethal force to target civilians or cause indiscriminate harm to civilians.

Spokespersons for the Hamas organization frequently claim that its attacks are responses are responses to Israeli attacks against Palestinian civilians, and that they are a legitimate form of resistance to military occupation. Under international law, attacks that target civilians or cause indiscriminate harm to civilians constitute crimes of the gravest sort. The absolute prohibition against targeting civilians extends to acts of reprisal for attacks against one’s own civilians, as well as acts that a group claims are intended to resist occupation. There can never be any justification for such blatant disregard of these fundamental humanitarian principles

This is just the start.